June 30, 2015

Quilt Word Search for Kids - School Holiday Fun

It is the first week of School Holidays and if you have not already started your quilt for the Quilters Companion Magazine and Brother Australia Under 35 Quilting Competition it is time to start now 

To get you ready or to continue your creative journey to create your quilt I thought I would create a fun word search using some quilting terminology to do while on school holidays. 

Can you find all the words in the puzzle?

Don't forget to register your entry for the Quilters Companion Magazine and Brother Australia Under 35 Quilting Competition as there is only a few months left to get creating!

June 28, 2015

Choc Oreo Truffles

Choc Oreo Truffles with 2 ingredients and completed in less than a minute - Easy 

This recipe is done in the thermomix but can easily be completed in a food processor 


130 grams of Chocolate Dunked Oreos
80 grams of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (plain)


1. Place Dunked Oreos into your Thermomix Bowl, secure lid and crush the biscuits on Speed 5 for 8 seconds
2. Place 80 grams of cubed cream cheese into the Thermomix Bowl, secure lid and mix through on Speed 3 for 30 seconds
3. Remove Bowl from the thermomix and using a teaspoon roll mixture into small balls and place on a piece of baking paper or in a bowl ready to eat

Choc Oreo Truffles can be eaten straight away or placed into the fridge ready for serving

Makes 12 Truffles

June 26, 2015

12 tips to teach children how to quilt

Teaching children to quilt doesn't need to be overwhelming or perfect but it is fun to create and the masterpiece of the finished product and the smile on the creators face will be priceless when you are able to teach and help create their first quilt. 

Today I am sharing 12 tips to help you teach your children how to quilt, no matter your own experience as a quilter

Safety First -take time to safely show the steps of using a sewing machine - supervise at all times
Use Precut Fabrics - using precuts eliminates the need to measure and cut fabrics. Charm Squares (used in the photo above) are perfect to create their first quilt
Start Small - start with a small and easy project to practice
Go Slow - take your time explaining the setup of the machine, also ensure the speed of the sewing machine is set to low
Have Fun -make sure you have fun creating your masterpiece together 
Perfection isn't the answer - let them be creative, it is a joyous first time to let them create and use the sewing machine
Document - document and take photos along the process - it will be great to share in years to come
Create a label for the Quilt - create a label to allow the creator to write on after the quilt is completed. Share the date, location ready for the creator to write on
Create a sewing box - everyone loves their own little kit to create and what better way to share your first quilting experience than with your own sewing box
Practice - setup some practice pieces to start. Use a piece of graph paper to start sewing along the line straight and progress to scrap pieces of fabric 
Assist with pinning the quilt - the more pins you use the easier it will be to sew the quilt straight. Pins can be tricky and dangerous to little fingers to ensure care is taken whilst pinning and removing pins
Layout the design - create a vision for the completed quilt and layout the precut fabrics ready for little creators to put their design tricks to the test

I hope these tip will be able to assist you with teaching your children how to quilt and be prepared to quilt

June 23, 2015

Bella Box - May Subscription Box - Product Reviews

I adored the contents of the May Bella Box and as promised here is my review of the products received 

My May Bella Box contained

- Highlight and Contour Cheat Sheet - a helpful guide that I have added to my board for future reference

- Chella Cinnamon Highlighter Pencil - I haven't used this as much as the other products in the box but it is a perfect colour to add to my makeup kit 

- Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil - I haven't used this as much as the other products in the box but it is a perfect colour to add to my makeup kit 

- John Frieda Frizz Ease unwind curls calming creme - This is my favourite product in the May Subscription box. I have used it after each time I washed my hair half an hour after letting it dry naturally. This has allowed my natural curls to hold shape. The sample received gave me 5 treatments in my hair 

- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Rich night cream - I have used a few different Palmers Products over the years but the moisture rich night cream is perfect for using on your legs during winter leaving your legs rich and smooth.

- Romy Nouveau Moisturising body balm - the scent of this body balm won my over before I even started using the product, but I used this sample quickly and fingers crossed I will get another scent to try.

- Kora Organics Hydrating Mask by Miranda Kerr Skincare - I am a face mask lover and especially during winter. This Hydrating Mask was exactly was the name states, the hydrating mask is a great addition to the monthly subscription

Have you used any of these products before?
What product would you like to try from the May Box?

I can not wait to share what I get in the June Bella Box