November 22, 2014

5 Low Key Anniversary Ideas

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5 Low-Key Anniversary Ideas While celebrating anniversaries can be luxurious and exuberant, sometimes celebrating in a simple way can be a lot more intimate and memorable. So to help you out with some ideas, here are 5 low-key anniversary suggestions.

Eat in at Home with Customised Catering

The beauty of hiring a catering company for your anniversary is being able to order your favourite dishes in the comfort of your own home. You could choose to recreate the meal of your first date or anniversary or choose dishes that you both love. You could even select dishes that you both consider romantic or otherwise sentimental. You can also choose to eat wherever you want – it could be in the dining room, kitchen or even outdoors, in the garden or on the balcony. To get an idea of the different catering menu options available, check out the website of a professional catering company such as Noosh Catering, here .

Go out to Breakfast rather than Dinner

Yes, dinner is the more traditional option when it comes to anniversaries, but there is no reason that breakfast can’t be just as romantic. Cooked breakfasts, pancakes, waffles and French toast are very romantic, especially if you choose a more intimate or secluded café. An added benefit of going out to breakfast instead of dinner is the fact that breakfast is often a lot cheaper. Better yet, just because it is breakfast time, doesn’t mean you can’t crack open the bubbly.

Go on a Hike Together

Although exercise might not initially seem like a very romantic way to spend your anniversary, taking a hike with your partner can be relaxing and intimate. Many national parks and nature reserves have beautiful walking tracks, with spectacular views that offer perfect places to snap some photos. If you go on an early morning hike, it is unlikely that many other people will be around and at points, it may feel like you are the only ones there.

Go out on a Boat Ride

Many charter and cruise companies offer short boat rides around harbours, lakes and rivers. Most of these boat outings can be arranged for sunrises and sunsets, which are incredibly romantic and produce some great photo opportunities. Sometimes these boat rides offer packages with food and drinks included, but if they are too expensive, you can arrange to bring your own drinks and snacks.

Have a Picnic at a Favourite Spot

Nothing says romantic like a picnic. Picnics are a great way to get out of the house and spend time with your significant other without too much fuss or hassle. You can each choose to make a few different homemade dishes or if you are time poor, you can both pick up a few takeaways from a café or bakery. Make sure you remember to pack some cutlery, a few glasses and a bottle of your favourite bubbly!

Fussing over an expensive restaurant or organising an elaborate getaway can be stressful and difficult to orchestrate, so why not make your next anniversary low- key instead? What low-key anniversaries have you and your partner tried?

November 18, 2014

Lacy Mock Cable Washcloth

Debbie Bliss Cotton is one of my favourite things to knit with and loved the fact it was featured in the October Spring Yarn Club 

I made the Lacy Mock Cable Washcloth - which I loved the pattern so much I think I will convert it to a blanket pattern to do over the Christmas Break

Here are some progress pictures

Simple Summer Salad

Summer BBQs are around the corner and what does every BBQ need - a simple throw together salad that everyone will love


200 grams Lettuce Mix
1 punnet of super sweet cherry tomatoes
1 x Lebanese Cucumber 
100 grams Danish Feta
1/4 Spanish Onion 


1. Prewash all salad ingredients
2. Place Lettuce mix into a shallow salad bowl
3. Slice cherry tomatoes in half and place over the lettuce mix
4. Finely slice cucumber and spanish onion over the lettuce mix
5. Dice Danish Feta and scatter over the top of your salad

Simple and Easy!

November 13, 2014

Honeycomb Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of my favourite things to make and it is just so simple to make.

I make mine in the Thermomix but it is just as easy to make it without


250 grams Choc Ripple Biscuits
20 grams butter
500 grams Philladephia Cheese
60 grams thickened cream
40 grams Caster Sugar
2 x 50 gram bars of Crunchie Chocolate


1. Gently break biscuits and place into the Thermomix Bowl with butter and crush on speed 8 for 15 seconds
2. Place biscuits into a lined cake tin and press down to create a cheesecake base - place into the fridge whilst you make the filling
3. Cut Philadelphia cheese into cubes and place into the Thermomix bowl and blitz for 15 seconds on speed 8
4. Add cream and sugar to the mixture and blitz on Speed 6 for 10 seconds
5. Break chocolate honeycomb into pieces and add to the mixture. Blitz on Turbo for 3 times and ensure that majority of the pieces have been blitz (I wanted chunks of honeycomb in mine)
6. Remove cheesecake base from the fridge and add filling on top. Smooth the mixture so it is even
7. Place in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight for the best result

November 12, 2014

DIY Ribbon Bookmark

This tutorial is so simple yet effective - have someone close to you that loves to read? Or treat yourself to a nice new bookmark


1 x piece of ribbon - 30cm or double the size of the book you a making it for
1 x button, matching to your ribbon colours
1 x hair elastic, matching to your ribbon colours
Matching cotton 
Scissors and a needle


1. Fold over a seam on each end of your ribbon, and darn into place.
2. On one end of the ribbon fold the bottom of the ribbon over 1cm (back of the ribbon) and secure the button to the front side of the ribbon 
3. On the other end of the ribbon fold the bottom of the ribbon over 1cm (back of the ribbon) and secure the hair elastic in the loop of the ribbon and secure into place on the other side of the hair elastic.
4. Place on your favourite book to enjoy! 

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