January 27, 2015

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg - Book Review

I recently saw this book online and thought that sounds interested - unbeknownst to me that Zoella is a very popular vlogger

Penny has a secret, she has a blog that only a few people know about called Girl Online. Penny blogs under the alias about her friendships, relationships and also her personal battle with panic attacks. 

Her blog is becoming popular and the interaction with her followers show she isn't the only girl out there with these feelings. 

After a series of events she visits New York with her family for a working holiday where she meets a gorgeous American boy who sweeps her off her feet. He takes her on the most romantic dates and treats her exactly like in the fairytales. 

Penny shares every moment without divulging too much on her blog to keep her alias intake, but everything can change as Noah as a secret too which will expose and possibly ruin Penny's cover. 

I instantly was in love with Noah as a character - he was mysterious, good looking and a gentleman.

The novel changes between blog posts for Girl Online and Penny's adventures in her 'offline' life 

I enjoyed this book, it was light hearted and sweet. The plot was predictable but I think it covered some great topics which can take over the teenage world these days and how there are people in the same position who you can talk to or turn to. 

Girl Online is the debut novel for Zoe Sugg and whilst I had never heard of her or googled her until I finished the novel, regardless of the criticism it was ghostwritten  I believe it was a good novel.  

January 26, 2015

Voyage to the Deep - Underwater Adventures

Please note I received a family pass to the Australian National Maritime Museum 

The Australian National Maritime Museum is one of the most amazing Museums that Sydney have to offer and recently have welcomed to special exhibition for children ages 2-8 called Voyage to the Deep

Venture down into the water while you voyage deeper and deeper amongst a light show of blues and greens because you are travelling 20,000 leagues under the sea into the world of Captain Nemo and his submarine the Nautilus

The world of Nautilus is amazing and interactive for children of all ages and includes a seaweed maze, get behind the captains seat of the Nautilus or become part of the crew for a day. 

With an opportunity to touch, dress up, play and interaction with other 'crew' on board and swimming outside the ocean it is bound for hours of entertainment.

Throughout the exhibition there are some interesting facts to discuss about the Ocean, the Eco-system and surroundings. 

We had a great afternoon participating in the voyage to the deep!

You can also take a piece of your deep sea adventure home with you in the Kid's Craft area which is currently featuring a range of crafts featuring fun activities incorporated with the Voyage to the Deep exhibition

Voyage to the Deep is open daily at the Australian Maritime Museum until the 27th April 2015

Will you be participating in the Voyage to the Deep?

January 25, 2015

Top tips for homemade Lamingtons

Lamingtons don't have to be hard to make. Today I am sharing some simple tips for creating scrumptious homemade Lamingtons

Now I am not sharing my recipe as I use the one from the Thermomix Cookbook with a few minor tweaks

1. Make your sponge the night before 

2. Use Vanilla Bean Extract with seeds 

3. Half an hour before making the sponge mixture place the eggs on the counter to bring slightly to room temperature

4. For the perfect size I use my Williams Sonoma Mini Loaf Pan (http://www.williams-sonoma.com.au/williams-sonoma-nonstick-mini-loaf-pan) and cut each loaf in half 

5. When covering your Lamingtons with chocolate and coconut place on a wire rack to allow Lamingtons to set without sticking 

6. Filling your Lamingtons doesn't have to be hard simply cut your Lamingtons in half prior to coating and coat each side of the Lamington

Two fun fillings 
Traditional Jam and Cream - teaspoon of jam and a teaspoon of cream
Nutella Cream - fold Nutella through cream and add to the centre 

January 24, 2015

Milo Crackle Cheesecake

Australia Day long weekend is here and what better way to celebrate Australia Day with a Milo Crackle Cheesecake


2 cups of Coco Pops
120 grams Copha, cubed
500 grams Philadelphia Cream Cheese
40 grams Castor Sugar
60 grams thickened cream
40 grams Milo


1. Place Coco Pops into a mixing bowl
2. Place Copha into a microwave safe container and microwave for intervals of one minute stirring occasionally 2-3 times
3. Pour Copha over the Coco Pops and mix together
4. Pour mixture into a lined round tin and place in the fridge to set.
5. Leave in the fridge for 4-6 Hours or Overnight