April 18, 2015

If You Cross the Dusk by Johan Lindback - Book Review

I adore short stories and am always on the search for another one to read. I recently came across the work of Johan Lindback and decided to start with the short story called If You Cross the Dusk

If You Cross the Dusk is a short story that is part of a seven book series called The Magic Alliance

Vecinda is a young sorceress who is on a fatal mission, she must decide who she can trust and who deserves to live. Will she be able to obey the Guardians and complete the task set for her or will the anguished cries change her mind?

As this short story is part of a seven book series it does not delve into character build, but it is not a factor for how this short story turns out. The characters have enough background to warrant the situation they are in and relationships between the characters. 

I enjoyed this short story and look forward to reading more about Vecinda, the young sorceress and also any future works created by Johan Lindback

Please note - If You Cross the Dusk is available on iBooks as a free download

Have you read any short stories lately?
Do you have a favourite short story?

April 14, 2015

5 ways to drink more water

Drinking water is very important and whilst I discussed recently that I set myself alarms on my fitbit to ensure I keep up my water intake I thought I would share 5 ways to drink more water each day. 

Sometimes you feel like something a little different than water so these tips will help you obtain your daily requirement without it feeling like a chore. 

I use these tips and have found I am feeling better and my skin is so much better 

1. Choose a drink bottle and take it everywhere

Buy a bottle and carry it everywhere with you, you will drink more water without even trying. I recently upgraded my drink bottle to the CamalBak Eddy which allows me to have 750mL with me at all times.

2. Add Fruit or Veggies

Getting a little bored with drinking water? Try adding some fruit and veggies to the mix to give some natural flavour. You can stick with more traditional flavours like lemon or go a little fancy with cucumber and strawberries.

3. Drink a glass before every meal

Drinking a glass before every meal not only allows you to add to your water intake it will also suppress your appetite so you will not eat as much.

4. Set an Alarm 

Alarms are a life saver especially if you get easily distracted or busy. I use the silent alarms on my fitbit to ensure I am sticking to my daily water goal. 

5. Use an App to keep yourself more accountable 

There are a lot of Apps that will allow you to track your water intake. This is also a great way to be accountable and also keep a track for not only your daily intake but weekly and monthly. 

Do you drink enough water?
Do you have any tips to add to drink more water each day?