May 22, 2015

How to throw a German-themed Party

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It's fair to say the Germans really know how to throw a party. After all, each year they stage arguably the world's largest event in the form of Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest traditionally attracts 6 million people to enjoy the fun, festivities and frivolities, but if you're looking to stage some German festivities on a slightly smaller scale, here is a guide on how to get started.

Dress the part

No themed party is complete without the correct attire and when it comes to Germany, the traditional attire is dirndls, or maid's dresses, for the ladies, and lederhosen (short pants with suspenders) for the gents.
The dirndl comprises a blouse, bodice (complete with embroidery and fastenings or laces), a full skirt of varying lengths and an apron. As an aside, where a woman knots her apron indicates her status - on the left means the woman is single and available and tied on the right means she is spoken for.
Meanwhile lederhosen are traditionally leather breeches of short or knee-length. The outfit can be complemented by a shirt, braces, vest and jacket and is usually worn with long socks and special shoes.
Any good costume attire shop such as Disguises, should be able to assist with suitable German dress whether you are looking to embrace a traditional look or a festive spin. click herefor further information.

Festive fare

German food is traditionally rich, hearty and thoroughly enjoyable, so what better way to complete your party than with some delectable delights of Deutschland?
There are some great recipes online, but if you're after a little inspiration, consider brezel, schnitzel or wurst (sausages). There are more than 1,500 types of sausages to be enjoyed at street stalls throughout Germany, so wurst is a must-have for your party. Team it with sauerkraut for a truly German experience.
German desserts and cakes are also fantastic, so consider apple strudel and Black Forest cake to complete your meal.


Haul out the check tablecloths and collect some beer steins; decorations add a sense of authenticity to your German do. From toothpicks to German flags, and Oktoberfest signage to insignia, there is a bevy of offerings online when it comes to decking out your German-themed party.


Complete your party picture with some traditional beerhall music to have your guests enjoying some serious good cheer. A Google search for German Oompah music will bring up some traditional numbers, and there are even CDs, playlists and stations dedicated to Oktoberfest. But if you're after some specifics, load up your IPod with the likes of Ein Prosit, Fliegerlied and Esellied.

Terms and phrases

Break out a little vernacular to really get into the swing of the party. ‘Guten Abend’ is good evening, while ‘guten Tag’ is ‘good day’. Perhaps most importantly,’prost’ is ‘cheers’.
So here's prost to your German festivities! Be sure to dress the part, enjoy the food, decorate to suit and dance up a storm. You are sure to have a guten Abend.

May 21, 2015

5 Reasons why Personalised Gifts are the best

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Shopping for gifts can be a nightmare! Everyone has done their version of the gift checklist or you use my Sweet Little Pretties Gift Guides: But we all endure those questions of doubt including Do they already have one? Can they return it if they don’t like it? 

However, a personalised gift is a great way to take all the guess work out of your next shop. If you’ve ever thought about giving a personalised gift, here are five reasons why they are so fantastic, you should go for it!

1. It’s the Thought that Counts What could be nicer than a gift just for you? Personalised gifts are a lovely way to show friends and family that they mean more to you than just a last minute card. Engraving is a great way to make a seemingly ordinary gift extraordinary. The options are only limited to your imagination, from special dates, quotes and names to poems, recipes and even photos! Websites such as Personalised Favours are great if you’re looking for professional advice on engraving and somewhere to find a personalised gift for your loved ones.

2. Don’t Break the Bank The best gifts aren’t always the most expensive. A personalised gift is great as you can find and says something that is important to your loved ones but won’t send you broke. Handmade gifts are a wonderful way to show appreciation and be creative with your gift. Try combining a few of your loved ones most enjoyed things such as their favourite chocolates, a gorgeous, cosy blanket and some movies for a personalised night-in package that won’t break the bank.

3. Appropriate for All Occasions Between Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, there’s not often a present that suits all occasions. This is another great reason why personalised gifts are the best! You’ll have plenty of ideas for all occasions and you can be sure that each present will be as unique as the person you are giving it to. Depending on the season, you can even theme the gift such as a personalised bauble for their Christmas tree!

4. Suitable for Everyone Personalised gifts are for everyone! No matter if you’re 12 or 72, personalised gifts don’t have to be age or gender specific to make them special, although it can help narrow your options. Giving a gift that is influenced by what the receiver enjoys will help you choose the right present. From a special pen for a keen writer to a beautiful name sign for an interior design lover, personalising your gift will make it more unique and even more meaningful.

5. Timeless Story Pieces Personalising your gifts not only shows how much you care for someone, but it also creates a time piece for them to treasure. An engraved wedding glass or a special quote on a key ring each have a story to tell. The next time your loved ones bring out that set of champagne flutes or looks at their keys, they will be reminded of a special time and that wonderful person who kept the memory alive.

No two people are the same, their gifts shouldn’t be either!

Have you received a personalised gift that tells a great story? Any tips for personalising a gift? Feel free to share your stories below!

Make a Pinky Promise today

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Today I need you all to join me in making a Pinky Promise. I am joining in with Pink Hope to pledge looking after myself.

Pink Hope believes making a simple pledge or ‘pinky promise’ with a friend is a great way to keep each other accountable. 

The World Health Organisation recently found that at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable. 

Additionally, a recent survey of 260 women, commissioned by Pink Hope, found that health is the second-most important topic of discussion when best friends get together – below family, but above love life, work and finances.

What you pledge is up to you, you can pledge to get regular screening tests, to maintain a healthy diet, or to stop smoking – all of which reduce your risk of preventable cancer.
I pledge that I will maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to reduce my risk of preventable cancer.

Pink Hope wants to see more than 100,000 people register their pledge at Pinky Promise during the month of May, to prevent more families from going through the distressing experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Please join me in making a pinky promise during May and share how you are going to make a difference in your life?

As an extra benefit each person who registers their pledge at Pinky Promise will go in the draw to win a trip for two to New York City, donated by Emma & Roe by Michael Hill – a wonderful experience to share with a best friend.

Take a pinky promise photo during May and tag it #bffpinkypromise I will be sharing my photo over the weekend when I get to see my Bestie! 

May 19, 2015

6 Winter Warmer Throws and Blankets

The Winter Chill has well and truly hit in Sydney and what better way to spend the nights than rugged up under a throw or blanket with a warm drink and book. 

Today I am sharing 6 must have throws and blankets that are a must have this winter

What is your favourite blanket to wrap yourself in this Winter?